Natural Herbal Medicine in Nevada, MO

Traditional medical approaches combine with natural holistic treatment options at Debbi’s Herb Shop. Located in Nevada, MO, our natural herb shop and spa helps people achieve specific wellness goals. We aim to offer stress-free solutions for each client who visits us. Our wide range of products and services allow us to take a whole-body approach to address your health concerns in a judgment-free space.

Consultations and Education

If you’re new to natural and holistic health practices, we recommend scheduling an appointment for a one-on-one natural health consultation. During this consultation, you’ll learn what natural wellness options make the most sense for you and your health goals.
Our staff believes in providing education about natural wellness practices, products and treatments. We encourage customers to bring their questions and concerns to us so we can provide solutions and answers.


Immune Building and Wellness Products

The stress of daily life may impact the efficacy of your immune system. To keep yourself and your family healthy, you’ll want to shop our fantastic inventory of all-natural products to support immune health, including:

  • CBD supplements
  • Essential oils
  • Herbs
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • True colloidal silver

Therapies and Treatments

Along with numerous natural holistic treatment products, we also have a spa on-site offering various therapies. Hand-in-hand with wellness products, spa therapies diagnose previously unknown conditions and treat them as needed. We offer treatments such as:

  • Chromotherapy & Ear candling
  • Full body infrared sauna
  • Healing energy biofeedback
  • Ionic foot detox
  • Red light therapy
  • Whole-body vibration studio

Natural Weight Management

For those struggling to find effective weight management solutions, make an appointment for a natural health consultation at our Nevada, MO shop. When you meet with one of our natural health experts, you’ll learn what your body needs to achieve a healthy body weight without harmful pharmaceuticals or dangerous crash diets.

Reach Your Wellness Goals!

You can achieve your wellness and weight goals! Schedule a weight management consultation or one of the various spa therapies we offer by calling Debbi’s Herb Shop at 417-549-0911.